Get to know the Editor.

Rev. Benjamin C. Crabtree is the third editor of the Ambassador Magazine. He is following two heroes of the faith, Rev. Charles E. Hayes and Dr. Alton Loveless. At the 2022 Ohio State Meeting, Ben showed the state a brand new design and plan for the magazine moving forward. "The Magazine will be used as a tool to equip our people as we work together to Advance the Kingdom making disciples." 

What It Does

The Ambassador Magazine has been in publication since the late 50's. For years, it has been a regular update and connection for the Ohio Free Will Baptists.  

What It Says

Since its start, churches have been able to testify what the Lord is doing in their local congregations. Now, the Ohio State Executive Office continues that tradition as well as training, updates, financial records and major denominational calendar events. 

Where It Goes

The Ambassador Magazine has a connection not only within our Ohio Churches but the National Association of Free Will Baptists as well. Now that we are online, the digital reach is worldwide! 
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